Chairman’s Report 2021- 2022

Chair’s report for 2021 – 2022 this will include our new building project (Phoenix)

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to the Executive committee, leaders and supporters of all the units. They have been amazing throughout this challenging time. People have been very generous with their free time and helped in various ways including attending our Tuesday evening meetings to keep our group going.

New initiatives undertaken

  • Adapt to the new Covid restrictions and ensure all guidance was followed to keep everyone safe. (No easy task as all the risk assessments had to include Covid rules and this changed several times)

  • Submit our new HQ building design to Derby City Council planning department for approval. I am pleased to say planning was granted earlier this year. Design is on display.

  • Agreed the terms and conditions for leasing a piece of land from the council. A 50 year lease has provisionally been agreed and starting rent is £250.00 per year located on Sinfin Avenue.

  • Regenerating our Cubs and Beavers units after previous volunteers decided to leave. A massive thanks to Kris Thomson and his team who have found new leaders and volunteers. Anyone wishing to help would be most welcome.

Our fund raising events (for the units and hut maintenance).

Autumn Plant Sale Our autumn plant sale went well. Many thanks to Rachel Rudd who has become our new plant sale coordinator. Also lots of thanks to all the helpers who turned up on the day.

Spring Sale Our spring plant sale took place in mid May, this event was well supported and my thanks go to everyone who have made this a huge success! We made an excellent profit. Many thanks to Rachel Rudd for collating and ordering the plants. Special mentions to Fran Gaunt, Mike Wallis and Ralph Stephenson for organising the volunteers, adapting the website, and keeping track of the money.

The future

Our future is going to be very challenging as we need to raise substantial funds for our new building. This is a long term project and will need a lot of support from our community, parents and supporters. If you have any expertise in projects, building, fund raising, publicity or just want to help please add your name and contact details to the list that will be circulating.

Finally, I am extremely grateful to everyone who gives up their free time to support our local young people, you are amazing and making my role as chair so easy… To the leaders and their helpers you are wonderful and provide excellent, interesting activities every week. Well done!  My special thanks goes to Fran Gaunt (Secretary), Emily Williams and new Treasurer Ralph Stevenson,(Treasury) Rachel Rudd (plant sale coordinator), Mike Long (administrator) Kris Thomson (county commissioner)and his team Mandy and Lou, Tim Oxbrough (architect) Joe Mitson (planning consultant) Mick Gaunt (General maintenance) Chris Rudd (Grass Maintenance) & Keith Horton (Auditor) who give up so much of their free time for our charity.