All members of girl guiding have enjoyed being back to normal guiding activities with no bubbles or zooming !


Rainbows have had lots of fun this year, we have grown in numbers to 18 since the closure of Chellaston Rainbows.

We have been involved and worked towards the County commissioner challenges, a Christmas challenge, a stem challenge, an outdoor challenge and a cooking challenge. We also got involved with the County social action week and collected food for the food bank and delivered plants to the war memorial village. We have spent lots of time working on the programme and girls are starting to earn theme awards. We have had a few girls achieve their bronze and silver awards.

Now we are able to start going out and about we enjoyed a trip to Oxygen. And will be enjoying lots more trips.


Brownies have maintained around 32 brownies with a small waiting list of new to guiding members plus the Shelton Lock rainbows who will hopefully move up as they reach 7.

Our programme has been varied an fun as we work through the various different six themes of our programme along with completing some of the challenges set by the County team.

We have done science experiments, lots of activities involving food including a taste testing of different brands to see if they can tell the difference between Mcvities, Aldi or Asda chocolate digestives . We made little wooden robots with limbs using nuts and nails so we learnt to safely use tools. We invited the local PCSO to talk to us about how and why to keep safe. We have continued to support the local community, litter picking, delivery harvest gifts, planting bulbs and attending Remembrance Parade.

We were thrilled to be able to return to day trips and residentials and went to Conkers for winter wonderland, had a sleepover at a huge soft play barn and explored the farm and then returned to one of our favourite places for our weekend pack holiday – Glenbrook.


Guides – due to the previous leaders relocating and getting new jobs, guides closed in October. With the support of some leaders from elsewhere a guide parent and a work colleague Rachel reopened Guides after Easter with 12 guides. There are a few brownies that may hopefully move up next term, but guides will look to have a bring a friend party to increase numbers. Since Easter, guides have gained their confectionary badge and have enjoyed working in their newly formed patrols. They have enjoyed cooking s’mores, bananas and cored out apples on the alter fires plus another campfire evening visit to drum hill. Guides have enjoyed a few outings; Alter Rock indoor climbing and on Monday this week they enjoyed canoeing at Trent Adventures near Willington.